Adif, the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is a state-owned company that answers to the Ministerio de Fomento. Adif plays a leading role in promoting the railway sector, working towards converting it into the ideal mode of transport and facilitating access to the infrastructure under fair conditions.
Its aim is to promote the Spanish railway system by means of the development and management of a safe, efficient and sustainable infrastructure to the highest quality standards in environmental terms.

FCC Construcción, with an accumulated experience of more than a century, is the Infrastructure area of FCC Group, a company of international reference in environmental, water and construction services.
Its activities cover all engineering and construction areas in civil works and building.
It was pioneer in developing its own business model in a profitable and sustainable manner, investing in on local development and contributing to the improvement of people´s quality of life.

PROINTEC is a leading and international reference company in the fields of engineering and architecture and, in general, of infrastructure related consulting, urban planning and environmental issues. Since 2007, it is integrated in INDRA group, Spanish multinational leader in consulting and technology.
Founded in 1970, its experience in High Speed railways started in 1986 and it has developed more than 1.500 kilometers of High-Speed projects for over two decades, including all types of consulting services (planning, design, supervision, control and railway operations) and integrating the environmental component as an important part of projects.

Researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid working in "LIFE IMPACTO CERO" project belong to the Terrestrial Ecology Group (TEG) from the Department of Ecology of this institution, and they are also components of the officially funded REMEDINAL Research network.
The outstanding research experience of the group concerning this project has been focused on: (i) applied aspects of bird ecology in agrarian landscapes, (ii) the impacts of roads and railways on vertebrate populations, and (iii) the implementation and assessment of mitigation measures.

RENFE VIAJEROS S.A. is a state-owned trading company and a railway passenger operator that is owned to RENFE Operadora (public business entity) which is dedicated to providing passenger transport services by rail, national and international mediation in providing any tour services, organization, delivery and / or marketing of travel packages or travel products and providing other services or complementary activities related to rail transport.

Adif Alta Velocidad is a state-owned company that answers to the Ministerio de Fomento. It was born in December of 2013 after the segregation of Adif into two entities and has its own legal personality and patrimony. Assumes, among others, the responsibility for the construction and management of the Spanish high speed railway infrastructure. It also manages other transferred infrastructures, high-speed stations, telecommunications and energy activities.